Dunedin Certified Service Center

Welcome to Tampa Bay’s first certified eBike service center!

Tampa Bay eBikes is your local certified light electric vehicle service center. This means our certified technicians have had rigorous training for all types of Micro EVs such as hoverboards, onewheels and Scooters. We have the technology in our shops required to provide our customers with the best possible service!

We offer a full range of services, from testing your battery’s performance to fixing major electrical issues. We also carry a wide selection of replacement parts and accessories so that we can keep your light electric vehicle running smoothly!


1.) Fill out the form to the right to book an appointment that best suits your maintenance or repair needs!

2.) Drop your vehicle off at the location you scheduled.

3.) Pick your vehicle up and get rolling towards new adventures!

Don’t have a truck or SUV for transporting your e-bike? We have the solution! Tampa Bay ebikes now offers e-bike Pickup and Delivery! Simply provide us with the location for pick up/drop off in the form below and we will schedule our driver accordingly, normally within 24 – 48 hrs of requests.