Understanding AddMotor eBikes: An American Success Story


There’s a fascinating shift happening in the world of transportation. eBikes, or electric bikes, have emerged as a popular alternative for commuting and recreational riding. One company that’s been at the forefront of this shift is AddMotor. But what is AddMotor, and what makes their eBikes and trikes unique? Let’s explore.

Who is AddMotor?

Established in 2011, AddMotor has quickly become a respected name in the eBike industry. While many might wonder if AddMotor is a US company, it indeed is. Based in El Monte, California, AddMotor has dedicated itself to creating innovative and stylish electric bicycles that stand out in the market. 

From commuters to adventurers, the company has designed an array of products to meet different customers’ needs. Take the Addmotor – Grandtan Trike as an example. With its unique design and powerful motor, it redefines what an eBike can be.

Speed and Performance: How Fast are AddMotor eBikes?

One common question about eBikes relates to their top speed. So how fast does an AddMotor eBike go? While the speed can vary based on the model, many AddMotor eBikes can reach top speeds of up to 20-28 mph, allowing riders to enjoy a swift and efficient journey.

However, it’s not just traditional eBikes that AddMotor excels at. The company’s trikes also stand out for their performance and design. A shining example of this is the Addmotor – M-360 Semi-recumbent Trike. With a top speed of approximately 20 mph and a semi-recumbent design for added comfort, it’s perfect for those seeking an eBike experience that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

An Introduction to the AddMotor Mini eTrike

While we’re discussing the subject of trikes, AddMotor’s contribution to the mini eTrike market is worth noting. The Addmotor Triketan – M-330 Mini eTrike offers a unique blend of compact design and power that makes it stand out.

Designed to be highly portable without compromising on performance, the M-330 Mini eTrike can reach speeds of up to 20 mph. Perfect for urban commuting or a quick trip to the local store, the Mini eTrike embodies AddMotor’s innovative approach to eBike design.

Behind the Power: Bafang Motors

A key component of any eBike is its motor, and AddMotor eBikes typically feature motors made by Bafang. But who makes Bafang motors? Founded in 2003, Bafang is a company that has become one of the largest eBike motor manufacturers globally.

Known for their reliability and performance, Bafang motors are an excellent match AddMotor’s innovative designs. Together, they deliver an eBike experience that’s efficient, enjoyable, and dependable.


In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability and convenience, eBikes have come to the fore as a viable solution for many. Companies like AddMotoR are leading the charge, delivering innovative designs that blend performance, style, and practicality.

Whether it’s the swift and stylish Grandtan Trike, the comfortable M-360 Semi-recumbent Trike, or the compact and practical M-330 Mini eTrike, AddMotoR’s eBikes offer something for everyone. Coupled with the power of Bafang motors, these eBikes stand as a testament to what the future of personal transportation can look like.